Bootstrap Accessible Admin Template

Coming Soon: in v1.4!

Looking for an Accessible Admin Template? look no further. Accessible+ Admin template is based on Bootstrap 3.3 and ASSETS framework, and allows developers to rapidly develop web based systems with an accessible front-end.

Accessible+ Admin template has all the features you'll find in ordinary admin templates: colorful numeric graphic boxes, charts, icons etc - all in an accessible manner - to allow you to create rich user experiences while conforming to both WCAG 2.0 AA and Section 508.

In addition, it has many different button types (Round, Metro-Style, Rounded etc) that greatly overshadow the original Bootstrap options. All in accessible colors hand picked for both style and accessibility.

It is available as HTML files + JS + CSS package, and can be used in static websites or for the front-end UI template for any web application. You can even use it with the new MVC6 templates by Microsoft: just add the needed files and reference them.


This template is the first accessible template created to help website creators to streamline their work in order to create accessible websites quickly and easily.

Accessible+ was developed with a close eye on the guidlines, and all the pages were checked by online tools provided by W3C to validate they conform to the guidlines.

Creating accessible websites is a breeze using Accessible+ - great job!

Anton Durobinsky, Anton Web Design

The template includes many basic website parts and can help you create accessible websites quickly and easily:

  • Home Pages (carousel/no carousel/boxed/single page)
  • About Us
  • Products
  • Service
  • Page templates (full width, right sidebar, left sidebar)
  • Portfolio (2 item, 3 item, 4 item, single item page)
  • Contact Us
  • Features pages (examples for components)

Take a look at the live preview and order now!

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